For the acquisition of specific skills

Thanks to the skills present in the company, SeaBrookRidge is able to provide technical training courses on the most common application tools (Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint, Sciforma), as well as on the most popular programming languages. 
The courses are structured according to a logic that provides for lessons divided by modules and post-class e-learning assistance. 

To allow personalized and effective training, a preliminary analysis is proposed on the Web platform in order to assess the level of knowledge and skills of the participants, who during short interviews indicate the needs of the various company departments.
Then the calendar of activities is organized according to the needs of all participants and we proceed with the provision of classroom training. 

At the end of the training course the participants are subjected to a test to verify the skills acquired; subsequently SeaBrookRidge continues to follow the customer and according to his needs provides him with e-learning assistance. 

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