Web Application Development

Whether you’re replacing a legacy system or developing a new enterprise application, we can create a custom software solution that best suits your business.

Customer Facing & B2C Web Apps: When the mass market is your customer: Engage your consumers with an e-commerce platform, a customer portal, or an online service offering.

B2B Web App Development: When your business is to serve other businesses: Differentiate yourself with a custom web application or service for your business customers.

Employee Portals & B2E Products: When you want to give your employees a better way to work: Streamline workflows, automate processes and reduce manual steps with an enterprise web application.

Mobile App Development

From mobile strategy to launching your app on an app store, we make it easy to bring mobility to your organization. We help you innovate and solve business problems through the use of mobile technology.

Consumer Mobile Apps: Productize your mobile ideas for the consumer market and deliver your custom app to Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

B2B Mobile Apps: Excite your B2B customers with an app for their business or to help them better engage with yours.

Enterprise Mobile Apps: Mobilize your workforce with enterprise mobile solutions that help them work better on the go.

CRM Customization & Integrations

Maximize your CRM and Marketing Automation systems through software customization solutions that meet your unique business needs.

CRM Implementation, Automation and Customization: When you need to take your CRM to the next level and customize it to fit your unique business needs, we can help.

Third Party Integration: Need to integrate your CRM solution to existing systems or third party applications? We can help maximize the capabilities of your CRM platform.

Marketing Automation: Increase your sales & marketing potential by leveraging your CRM and a robust Marketing Automation system.

Software Design

The best applications are the ones that people both need and want to use. Getting it right is all in the software design. Translate your early vision and business requirements into an actionable software design.

Solution Design: Clarify your ideas and translate them into the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of your future application.

Creative Design: Create a cohesive look and feel for your application including images, graphics, colors, fonts and general layout.

Interactive/UX Design: Fine tune your application to increase the user’s enjoyment and efficiency of their tasks.

Support & Project Rescue

If your project is at a challenging crossroad, or if you need care and maintenance of a mission-critical application, we help you get back on track and provide peace of mind.

Software Support: Continue to maintain and enhance your application so that your software investment lasts

Project Rescue: Get your software project back on track and across the finish line with confidence

Software Assessment/Audit: Get a 3rd party opinion about your in-house applications and infrastructure

Cloud Computing

We have extensive knowledge to help you select, configure, and manage your cloud hosting solution, and design your application specifically for a cloud vendor of your choice, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Heroku.

Cloud Infrastructure: Select and configure the right cloud infrastructure for your business.

Cloud Application Architecture: Design your web and mobile apps to be performant and to scale in the cloud from the start.

Managed Cloud Hosting: Outsource your cloud infrastructure monitoring and support.

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