Our founders envisioned a company that would excel in providing pristine custom software solutions for businesses seeking an alternative to larger expensive consulting firms. Big enough to meet a wide variety of client needs, but small enough to be fast and nimble through a structured and consistent process. Their vision, combined with innovative business expertise, technical proficiency, and exceptional project management skills, was the winning combination to launch SeaBrook Ridge.

SeaBrook Ridge TODAY

SeaBrook Ridge is Chicago’s premiere software development firm offering services ranging from strategic level technology consulting, to design and development of web, mobile and data solutions, and recruitment of top technology talent. Whether you are building your vision from the ground up or needing support for an existing project, our customized approach ensures we provide the best solution for your business. Treating each and every client as a partner, we work together throughout the process to learn your business and create a custom solution that best suits your needs.

Our Values


We are ambitious and always seeking opportunities to iterate on great ideas. Experience and expertise drive us to try new things, embrace change, and trust in the guidance of our leadership and teammates to lead us to worthy challenges.


We operate with the utmost transparency, which we believe is essential to building a strong foundation of trust and accountability within both our team and with our clients.


We encourage our team members to push the boundaries of “what we’ve always done” because we can’t get to the next phase without thinking creatively. With challenging perspectives comes a deep level of required respect and empathy, recognizing that a differing path has its reasoning and validation.


We are a team of leaders with incredible knowledge to share amongst our team. We encourage independent thought, but also seeking feedback and help from others when necessary. We’re on a mission to succeed collectively, which means we need each other to get there.


Different perspectives lead to innovative ideas, as well as team bonding, both of which we believe make a great team and lead to finding the best solution.


We are an open team, which means vocalizing our needs, our challenges, and our passions publicly and often. As an organization, we strive to be transparent in the direction we take and explain the reasons why, when possible.

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